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LBR iisy

LBR iisy

LBR iisy

Flexible, intuitive to use, fast to implement and safe in contact with human colleagues – the LBR iisy is an all-around cobot for automated production. It combines the know-how, precision and reliability of industrial automation with the intuitive flexibility of a smart device.


The first of its kind from KUKA

Based on KUKA’s next generation operating system, iiQKA.OS, the LBR iisy cobot experience is user-friendly, well-thought-out and straightforward for a wide range of industries with applications that require precise, fast and sensitive activities.

Whether in electronics, packaging or general industrial usage, at enterprise-scale or in small companies - its low weight, industrial design, small footprint, integrated sensors and straightforward, intuitive implementation make it a flexible helper that’s quick to get into production.


Ready to use quickly, right out of the box. _It’s iisy.

In order for robots to be more usable in more applications than ever before, automating tasks should be one thing above all else: simple. KUKA's new cobot running on iiQKA.OS and supported by the iiQKA Ecosystem is ready for use in a matter of minutes*, from unpacking to productive work.

Thanks to intuitive operation using iiQKA.OS, an optional pre-configured and pre-installed gripper, and a great user experience, this compact helper does not require long training times or learning complex programming techniques. From machine loading and unloading, to pick & place and handling to packaging and testing and many other general tasks – there are plenty of uses for the LBR iisy. Watch our Getting Started with iiQKA and LBR iisy video series for proof of just how easy the experience is.

Thanks to its safety features, LBR iisy can also work without safety fences directly with human operators and can be handguided smoothly to help with setup and programming.


Industrially proven and ready in the shortest possible time. _It’s iisy.

Based on KUKA ́s next generation operating system iiQKA.OS and thanks to its industry-proven technology, the LBR iisy collaborative robot can be quickly and easily integrated into defined manufacturing processes. At the same time, the cobot fits seamlessly into work environments that need to respond quickly to changes and produce individual products starting at lot size 1.


Programming or teaching by hand? An operating concept as you like. _It’s iisy.

Whether you are an automation beginner or an expert, the user-friendly combination of cobot and highly usable operating system, iiQKA.OS, allows lots of flexibility and presents workers with the power of choice.

  • Teach the robot programmed points with simple handguiding
  • Fast and intuitive commissioning and programming without specialized programming knowledge using a smart graphical user interface
  • More complex applications possible thanks to the program tree concept based on KUKA's decades of simplifying industrial robot programming.

Programmeren of handmatig teachen?

Guide the collaborative robot by hand through all the work steps, record them in a graphical program tree and then run the program. _It’s iisy


Sensitive and fast robotics

The collaborative robot LBR iisy has high-quality joint torque sensors in all six axes. They respond to the slightest external forces and offer certified collision protection. When the cobot is on its own without human colleagues next to it, it can of course run at higher speeds in production.

collaboratieve robot LBR iisy

Collaborative robot allows direct, protective cooperation with human workers.





Easily expand your system – from gripper to 3D perception

Intelligent, modular and therefore flexible to plan: The LBR iisy can be easily equipped with applications and accessories from KUKA and iiQKA Ecosystem partners. Whether it’s with various grippers, camera systems with 3D image recognition or other functional system extensions. The LBR iisy opens up a new scope for production automation.

* iiQKA Ecosystem partner products will continuously expand.


Smart robotics is key to intelligent automation

Since the LBR iisy robot can be learned, implemented and started into production extremely quickly, its overall costs for integration are equally low. It’s fast and easy to program, requiring no specialized programming skills.