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GigE Color

GigE Color

The Imaging Source's GigE camera models are available with a wide range of CMOS and CCD sensors including the latest Sony Pregius and STARVIS sensors as well as cost-optimized sensors from onsemi. The cameras' GigE Vision compliance ensures quick integration with hardware and nearly all image processing libraries. Tried and tested, these GigE camera models offer performance and robust design, making them a highly-versatile imaging solution for a wide variety of industrial applications including production, inspection und quality assurance. The newest "38 Series" cameras are optionally available with the ix Industrial® Ethernet interface or the standard RJ45 connector. The ix Industrial® Ethernet connector uses an integrated locking system to deliver high shock and vibration resistance in industrial environments.


  • Resolution: VGA to 20 MP
  • Frame rate: Up to 300 fps
  • Dimensions: starting at 29 x 29 x 57 mm
  • Sensor: Sony Pregius / STARVIS, ON Semi CMOS
  • RJ45 or ix Industrial® interface (38 Series)
  • Free software: Barcode SDK, IC Measure, IC Capture


38 Series - GigE Color Industrial Cameras

  • RJ45 or ix Industrial® Ethernet interface
  • Sony Pregius 9 and 12 megapixel
  • Frame buffer and onboard image pre-processing


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorAuto Iris ControlTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 38GX2674,096×2,160 (8.8 MP)131inchIMX267NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 38GX3044,096×3,000 (12.3 MP)91.1 inchIMX304NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusrGloba




33 Series - GigE Color Industrial Cameras

  • Frame buffer
  • Aptina CMOS sensors
  • Sony CMOS and CCD sensors


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorAuto Iris ControlTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 33GX287720×540 (0.4 MP)3001/2.9inchIMX287NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33GV024752×480 (0.4 MP)1001/3 inchMT9V024NOKOKOKCMOS Global
DFK 33GR1341,280×960 (1.2 MP)701/3 inchAR0134NOKOKOKCMOS Global
DFK 33GP13001,280×1,024 (1.3 MP)901/2 inchPYTHON 1300NOKOKOKCMOS PythonGlobal
DFK 33GX2731,440×1,080 (1.6 MP)751/2.9 inchIMX273NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33GX4621,920×1,080 (2.1 MP)561/2.8 inchIMX462NOKOKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 33GX2901,920×1,080 (2.1 MP)561/2.8 inchIMX290NOKOKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 33GX1741,920×1,200 (2.3 MP)501/1.2 inchIMX174NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33GX2491,920×1,200 (2.3 MP)301/1.2 inchIMX249NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33GX2652,048×1,536 (3.1 MP)361/1.8 inchIMX265NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33GX2642,448×2,048 (5 MP)242/3 inchIMX264NOKOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33GR5212,592×1,944 (5 MP)221/2.5 inchAR0521NOKOKOKCMOSRolling
DFK 33GP0062,592×1,944 (5 MP)151/2.5 inchMT9P006NOKOKOKCMOSRolling
DFK 33GX1783,072×2,048 (6.3 MP)191/1.8 inchIMX178NOKOKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 33GX2264,000×3,000 (12 MP)91/1.7 inchIMX26NOKOKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 33GX1835,472×3,648 (20 MP)61 inchIMX183NOKOKOKCMOS ExmorRolling















33 "e" Series - GigE Color Industrial Cameras

  • Sony Pregius and STARVIS sensors
  • Frame buffer
  • Onboard image pre-processing


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorAuto Iris ControlTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 33GP1300e1,280×1,024 (1.3 MP)901/2 inchPYTHON 1300NOKOKOKCMOS PythonGlobal
DFK 33GX290e1,920×1,080 (2.1 MP)561/2.8 inchIMX304NOKOKOKCMOS STARVISGloba
DFK 33GX174e1,920×1,200 (2.3 MP)501/1.2 inchIMX174NOKOKOKCMOS STARVIS 
DFK 33GX249e1,920×1,200 (2.3 MP)481/1.2 inchIMX249NOKOKOKCMOS Pregius 
DFK 33GX265e2,048×1,536 (3.1 MP)361/1.8 inchIMX265NOKOKOKCMOS Pregius 
DFK 33GX264e2,448×2,048 (5 MP)242/3 inchIMX264NOKOKOKCMOS Pregius 
DFK 33GX178r3,072×2,048 (6.3 MP)191/1.8 inchIMX178NOKOKOKCMOS STARVIS 
DFK 33GJ003e3,856×2,764 (10.7 MP)111/2.3 inchMT9J003NOKOKOKCMOS