Kibele PIMS Industrial Imaging and Robotic Automation

USB 3.1 Color

USB 3.1 Color

The Imaging Source "37" and "38 series" industrial cameras support the USB3 Vision standard (USB 3.1 Gen. 1) - ensuring stability and compatibility for easy integration and flexible configuration. Equipped with highly-sensitive, low-noise Sony Pregius, Pregius S or STARVIS sensors, the cameras offer exceptional image quality and color fidelity and are well-suited for applications such as intelligent traffic systems (ITS), automated optical inspection (AOI) and microscopy.


  • Resolution: VGA to 12 MP
  • Frame rate: Up to 539 fps
  • Dimensions: 29 x 44 x 60
  • Sensor: Sony Pregius CMOS Global Shutter
  • Free software for camera control
  • Free barcode SDK for Windows 7/8/10


38 series - USB 3.1 color industrial cameras

  • Compatible to UVC and USB3 Vision
  • Sony Pregius and Pregius S CMOS sensors
  • Onboard image pre-processing"


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 38UX2674,096×2,160 (8.8 MP)351 inchIMX267OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 38UX2554,096×2,160 (8.8 MP)421 inchIMX255OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 38UX3044,096×3,000 (12.3 MP)261.1 inchIMX304OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 38UX2534,096×3,000 (12.3 MP)301.1 inchIMX253OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 38UX5425,320×3,032(16.1 MP)231.1 inchIMX542OKOKCMOS Pregius SGlobal
 DFK 38UX5414,504×4,504 (20.3 MP)181.1 inchIMX541OKOKCMOS Pregius SGlobal
 DFK 38UX5405,320×4,600 (24.5 MP)151.2 inchIMX540OKOKCMOS Pregius SGlobal








37 A series - USB 3.1 color industrial cameras

  • Reversible Type-C port connection
  • Sony STARVIS and Pregius CMOS sensors
  • Single-board cameras


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 37AUX287720×420 (0.4 MP)5391/2.9 inchIMX287NOKNOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 37AUX2731,440×1.080 (1.6 MP)2381/2.9 inchIMX273NOKNOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 37AUX2901.920×1.080 (2.1 MP)1431/2.8 inchIMX290NOKNOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 37AUX2522.048×1.536 (3.1 MP)1191/1.8 inchIMX252NOKNOKCMOS STARVISRolling
 DFK 37AUX2652.048×1.536 (3.1 MP)601/1.8 inchIMX265NOKNOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 37AUX2502.448×2.048 (5 MP)752/3 inchIMX250NOKNOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 37AUX2642.448×2.048 (5 MP)382/3 inchIMX264NOKNOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 37AUX1783.072×2.048 (6.3 MP)601/1.8 inchIMX178NOKNOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 37AUX2264.000*3.000(12 MP)301/1.7 inchIMX226NOKNOKCMOS STARVISRolling










37 B series - USB 3.1 color industrial cameras

  • Reversible Type-C port connection
  • Sony STARVIS and Pregius CMOS sensors
  • With trigger and I/O
  • Single-board cameras


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 37BUX287720×420 (0.4 MP)5391/2.9 inchIMX287OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 37BUX2731,440×1.080 (1.6 MP)2381/2.9 inchIMX273OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 37BUX2901.920×1.080 (2.1 MP)1431/2.8 inchIMX290OKOKCMOS PregiusRolling
DFK 37BUX2522.048×1.536 (3.1 MP)1191/1.8 inchIMX252OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 37BUX2652.048×1.536 (3.1 MP)601/1.8 inchIMX265OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 37BUX2502.448×2.048 (5 MP)752/3 inchIMX250OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 37BUX2642.448×2.048 (5 MP)382/3 inchIMX264OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 37BUX1783.072×2.048 (6.3 MP)601/1.8 inchIMX178OKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DMK 37BUX2264.000*3.000(12 MP)301/1.7 inchIMX226OKOKCMOS STARVISRolling