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USB 3.0 Color

USB 3.0 Color

The Imaging Source USB 3.0 color industrial cameras are among the best-selling products in our extensive portfolio - and with good reason. The cameras feature the latest CMOS sensor technology from Sony and onsemi and are best known for their excellent image quality, high speed and unbeatable value. Providing excellent image quality even under poor lighting conditions, the high-speed USB 3.0 interface allows for frames rates of up to 539 fps. Their compact form (29 x 29 x 43 mm) and choice of rolling or global shutter with pixel binning and ROI (CMOS only) make these cameras the perfect choice for many applications. Macro, wide-angle and tele lenses are also available as accessories.


  • Resolution: VGA to 20 MP
  • Frame rate: Up to 539 fps
  • Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 43 and 36 x 36 x 25 mm
  • Wide range of color CMOS and CCD sensors
  • Free software for camera control
  • Free barcode SDK for Windows 7/8/10


33 series - USB 3.0 color industrial cameras

  • Compatible to UVC and USB3 Vision
  • Sony Pregius and STARVIS sensors
  • Onboard image pre-processing


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 33UX287720×540 (0.4 MP)5391/2.9 inchIMX287OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33UP13001,280×1.024 (1.3 MP)2101/2 inchPYTHON 1300OKOKCMOS PythonGlobal
DFK 33UX2731.440×1.080 (1.6 MP)2381/2.9 inchIMX273OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33UX2901.920×1.080 (2.1 MP)1431/2.8 inchIMX290OKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
 DFK 33UX1741.920×1.200 (2.3 MP)1621/1.2 inchIMX174OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 33UX2491.920×1.200 (2.3 MP481/1.2 inchIMX249OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 33UX2652.048×1.536 (3.1 MP)601/1.8 inchIMX265OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33UX2522.048×1.536 (3.1 MP)1201/1.8 inchIMX252OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33UX2642.448×2.048 (5 MP)382/3 inchIMX264OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33UR05212.592×1.944 (5 MP)601/2.5 inchAR0521OKOKCMOSRolling
DFK 33UX2502.448×2.048 (5 MP)752/3 inchIMX250OKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
DFK 33UX1783.072×2.048 (6.3 MP)601/1.8 inchIMX178OKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 33UJ0033.856×2.764 (10.7 MP)141/2.3 inchMT9J003OKOKCMOSRolling
DFK 33UX2264.000×3.000 (12 MP)301/1.7 inchIMX226OKOKCMOS STARVISRolling
DFK 33UX1835.472×3.648 (20 MP)181 inchIMX183OKOKCMOS EXMORRolling














23 series - USB 3.0 color industrial cameras

  • Compact housing
  • Aptina CMOS sensors
  • Sony CMOS and CCD sensors


Product code     Resolution (max)FPS (max)Format    SensorTriggerI/Os TypeShutter
DFK 23UV024752×480 (0.4 MP)1001/3 inchMT9V024OKOKCMOS Global
DFK 23UM0211,280×960 (1.2 MP)601/3 inchMT9M021NOKNOKCMOSGlobal
DFK 23UP13001,280×1,024 (1.3 MP)951/2 inchPYTHON 1300OKOKCMOS PythonGlobal
DFK 23U2741,600×1,200 (1.9 MP)201/1.8 inchICX274ALOKOKCCDGlobal
 DFK 23UX1741,920×1,200 (2.3 MP)541/1.2 inchIMX174LLJOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 23UX2491,920×1,200 (2.3 MP)301/1.2 inchIMX249LLJOKOKCMOS PregiusGlobal
 DFK 23UP0312,592×1,944 (5 MP)131/2.5 inchMT9P031OKOKCMOSRolling